LED Retractable Roofs


Further Information

We have a wide range of LED retractable roofs.
We are proud to offer our awnings throughout the commercial sector and we are confident we can assist you – no matter what your shading requirements are! Our Awnings for commercial use are robust, contain sophisticated technology and are easy to operate. Like our domestic systems all our awnings and blinds are custom manufactured to your exact requirements and can be an excellent addition to your business.

CEDRUS Retractable LED Roofs

Cedrus, has an elegant and strong design that you can very comfortably use both in commercial and personal areas. In assembly, with both the availability of mounting both on the “wall” and on the “ceiling” and low level of cost per meter-square, as an affordable and elegant product, it will serve you for many years. Cedrus can be manufactured and used in the way of a single module or, by bringing together more than one pergola in the desired direction; it can be used as a multiplex as well. Cedrus should be mounted with at least 6 degrees of inclination from back to front. Inclination is the main factor that enables the water flow to the grooves without accumulating on the fabric and from there, via the drainage, is discharged.