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Designer Cassette Awnings

The cassette awnings combine elegant design, ultra-modern technology and the greatest level of operating comfort – they are the very top of our patio awning range. When retracted, the fabric and the mechanism are completely protected inside the cassette.


The Cassita, sophisticated technology combined with elegant styling – Size doesn’t always matter. This is also true of our compact cassette awning Cassita II for small and medium-sized patios. The clever two-point suspension adds to the Cassita II dainty appearance. The fabric and frame are well protected from wind and rain in the 12 cm flat oval cassette. You also benefit from a particularly good price / performance ratio.


Our classic cassette awnings bringing technology and aesthetics together in harmony are called the I 2000 or K 2000.When such contrasting things as technology and aesthetics work well together, we talk of inner harmony. Not many products harmonise as impressively as the classically elegant cassette awnings I 2000 and K 2000. Both can be combined and extended as required and are available in widths of up to 6.5 m (or coupled units up to 12 m) and with up to 4 m projection.


Our awning that has been specially designed for installation in wall niches is called the N 2000. Magic? Not at all. Yet another pretty good idea from weinor. The N 2000 is a niche awning that, when retracted, disappears virtually entirely into the wall. When not in use, the awning is housed safely and protected from the weather in the awning casing that is integrated into a niche in the wall, making it virtually invisible. The harmonious appearance of the façade remains.


Innovative cassette awnings that is always ahead of the rest, in terms of technologically and design; Design is the art of combining function with aesthetics. This is also the case with our two cassette awnings from the new generation of awnings: weinor Zenara and weinor Zenara LED. The basis of this unmistakable design is the innovative two-point connection with only two wall mountings – even with wide awnings. For this we have made use of rope-tension technology found in bridge-building.

Opal Design

Our cassette awnings design and technology can hardly be improved on- they are called the Opal Design and Opal Design Lux. The appeal of the Opal Design II cassette awning is its timeless, classic design hand in hand with groundbreaking weinor technology. Made to shade large areas, it blends in harmoniously with its surrounding architecture, the attractive shape of the 16 cm high cassette adding a sophisticated element. Our cassette awnings with a timeless, classical design that are also capable of shading the largest patios – These can be produced up to sizes 12 m x 4 m and are frequently combined with an extendible valance and warm white individual LED spots that are integrated into the cassette. These also light up the patio after the awning has been retracted.