Patricia | Croftbank, Nethy Bridge

As you know, I have already passed on your details to a couple of people here though I am not sure if they have been in touch yet!
I can only say one thing about you, your company, and your awnings – they are brilliant!

It has been much admired and the whole process has been eased by your support.

It is a lovely thing and we cannot fault it. It takes some very strong winds but we try to avoid leaving it out in them in case it damages it – but the sensor takes the real worry away.

We could have bought a cheaper one, I know but though I do not always feel that paying more is worth it, in this case I really do. Your support, your guarantee and the ease with which it was fitted has left us feeling that it is a good quality awning and well worth paying for.

I should also mention that our joiners were impressed as you were always there to answer their questions as it was to be fitted on a building still in planning!

I am attaching a couple of photos which I hope will help your customer see it in use. Feel free to send whatever may be of use! Just remind them why it was so low and that it is now higher!

Really busy now – away for the weekend and leaving someone in charge – nightmare! Then, our busiest week of the year!

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