Enhance Your Business Or Home

We are proud to offer our awnings throughout the commercial sector and we are confident we can assist you – no matter what your shading requirements are!

Our Awnings for commercial use are robust, contain sophisticated technology and are easy to operate.  Like our domestic systems all our awnings and blinds are custom manufactured to your exact requirements and can be an excellent addition to your business.


  • awnings-scotland-commercial-awnings (42)Open Awnings

    The simple things in life, like the bunch of flowers you have picked yourself, are often the most attractive ones. This is also true of the weinor Topas awning without a box. It scores high marks for its high quality at a very good price. Be it an inexpensive patio awning or the Topas Mini Max for narrow but deep balconies, the Topas is always a good commercial choice.

  • image-20-06-14-08-17-4Semi Cassette Awnings

    Talent is not a matter of age. Thanks to Weinors experience in technology and design, the new semi-cassette awning Semina has already reached maturity. Its fresh and youthful appearance is emphasised especially by the semi-rounded top and the curved front rail. At only 20.4 x 20.4 cm when closed, it is the compact and pleasantly inconspicuous alternative.


  • awnings-scotland-commercial-awningsDesigner Cassette Awnings

    The cassette awnings combine elegant design, ultra-modern technology and the greatest level of operating comfort – they are the very top of our patio awning range. When retracted, the fabric and the mechanism are completely protected inside the cassette.

  • awnings-scotland-commercial-awnings (47)_2048x1363Textile Patio Roofs

    Our textile patio roofs offer certain special features. Choosing the desired projection does not depend on the width; the structure is particularly resistant to being uplifted in surging winds and allows rain to run off in a controlled manner when pitched at 14°. The solution for large commercial patios or catering applications


    Our side screen that not only looks good but also disappears into an elegant cassette when not needed is called the Paravento. The side screen provides maximum protection from prying eyes as well as from unpleasant winds.

  • Dutch blind awnings scotlandDutch Blinds

    Dutch Blinds come in myriad shapes and sizes – either retractable or rigid dependant on the measurement and style of any individual requirements. The extrusion can also be formed into a variety of curved shapes. 

PAPARAZZI TopasFunctional All Year Round

Most of our customers use the products to cover valuable outdoor space to increase their customer seating area and promote outdoor shop space.
However there are many other reasons to add one to your business. Visual attraction or kerb appeal is the corner stone to attracting passing trade and our products can achieve this with the added facility to add your own business branding. With increasing pressure on business running costs the shading benefits of our products can help reduce your energy consumption or can increase product shelf life.


Whichever products you choose the benefits to your business are infinite.

  • Keep out the sun’s harmful rays and your customers cool on hot days
  • Advertise your business – include signwriting! Use your corporate colours!
  • Expand your business – the cost effective way!
  • Create an ambience your customers will enjoy and remember!
  • Stand out from the crowd!
  • Design team on hand, artwork provided for design and planning


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